TC Energy Design water recharge assortment

TC water products

Hand blown glass carafe, glasses and energy plates are designed with Flower of Life image on bottom. The unique power of TC glass water products revitalizes weakened spring water (as well as any other liquid) within three minutes*. TC carafes greatly enhance the taste of wines and juices and improve their biological value.
The permanent vitalizing effect due to the specific shape of the carafe which is based on precise natural principles of music and harmony.

The “Flower of Life” is burnt into the glass which gives the material a double „relaxing effect”, reduces its residual strength to a minimum and makes the glass more break-resistant. The “Flower of Life” symbol on your TC carafe or tumbler is available in various designs:



Gold: 23,8 carats, gold burnt into the glass at about 1112°F (600°C),
Varied colors: burnt into the glass at about 1022°F (550°C), The colorful version may contribute to a more positive and joyful life.
White: burnt into the glass at about 1022°F (550°C)

Alladin CarafesTC Carafes-
The ALLADIN carafe is a perfect masterpiece and suitable for daily use. Its stabilizing effect on water crystals is so strong that it usually lasts up to one week.

The ALLADIN or Miniverse carafes should not be used for hot beverages, otherwise the glass might crack. You can also use it with juices and wines, which greatly enhances taste and quality.

Alladin 2.3 Litre size with Gold Flower of Life  - $139.95
Alladin 1.3L Litre size with Gold Flower of Life - $79.95
                        with Rainbow Flower of Life -  $75.95
                        with White Flower of Life     -   $75.95
Miniverse .1 Litre size with Gold Flower of Life - $27.95

Delicate Carafe WarmerThe DELICATE .5L carafe can be used with hot or cold drinks, including brewing tea, and use the specially designed Candle Warmer to keep your beverages warm.


Delicate Carafe .5 Litre size with White Flower of Life -  $45.95
Delicate Carafe .5 Litre size with Gold Flower of Life   -  $49.95
Candle Warmer is available for the Delicate - $33.95

Mythos TumblersTC tumbler Mythos-  The TC glass MYTHOS is constructed for intensive daily use. Its shape is so designed that the TC glass can never tip over-feel free to try it out!
Suitable for hot beverages like tea or coffee - indeed an all-purpose glass with a taste improving design. Suitable for daily use. Single Gold Mythos tumbler  $18.95


Dimensions: 3.35/3.35 in (85/85 mm)

Mythos TumblersTC tumbler Mythos Affirmations Set-  The tumblers shown above with these affirmations on bottom. 1 of each, set of 6


Dimensions: 3.35/3.35 in (85/85 mm)

Amount of filling: 8.5oz (0.25L)

Mythos Affirmations Tumbler Set $62.95

 Drinking Glasses available in 24 Carat Gold, Rainbow and White Flower of Life patterns.These Delicate Glasses are handblown designed for everyday use. Do not use hot beverages in these glasses.

Dimensions: 3.9/3.2 in (10/8 cm)

Amount of filling: 10.1oz (0.3L)

Drinking Glass Gold Flower of Life -      $22.95
Drinking Glass Rainbow Flower of Life - $21.95
Drinking Glass White Flower of Life -    $21.95

Drinking StrawTC drinking straw
The most natural and powerful kind of movement in nature is vortex flow. The spiral motion of tornados or soft waves of the ocean unleash the true power of vitalization. The TC drinking straw has been created on the basis of modern quantum physics as well as ancient insights into the natural flow of life energy.
It is mouth-blown, using traditional techniques, and impresses due to the simplicity of its design and the complexity of natural energy flow.
Many physical constants known in biophysics make the fluid swirl around the center. This adventurous journey through the TC drinking straw gives the water more vitalizing energy. Enjoy the freshness and simplicity of drinking your favorite beverages from the TC drinking straw!

Mouth-blown from borosilicate glass. Lead-free material.

Length: ~ 8'' (21 cm) max. thickness ~0.6'' (1.5 cm)

Drinking straw $14.95


TC Energy PlateEnergy Plate for vitalizing your beverage and plate wherever you are: at work, in a restaurant, at a friend’s place or on vacation.

Just put your mug, tumbler or plate for three minutes on the TC Energy Plate and feel the enormous energetic effect.

TC energy plates are made from hand-polished glass plates of 9cm and 22cm. Their shape and dimensions are perfectly tuned to the orbit of Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gently flowing energy. Both plates are garnished with the Flower of Life symbol which consists of 23.8 carats gold and is burnt into the glass at approximately 750°F (400°C).

Energy Plate 9cm -   $24.95
Energy Plate 22cm -  $49.95

*No form of healing or any other promise of influences over illness are associated with TC products. The use of TC products does not promise to enhance well-being and the user must assume personal responsibility for use.
TC Energy Design water recharge assortment
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