Star Resonators

The Star Resonator® is a powerful broadcasting device which combines the protection of the Crystal Catalyst® Bead with the ancient knowledge of the ten-pointed mariners star symbol. It can protect from negative thoughts and ill will directed toward one from others; also, from tension in the surroundings coming from dissension or acts of violence. It is a powerful tool for clearing electronic and ground radiation which is not broadcasting from wiring within your home or office. The Star Resonator ® may be suspended as a mobile, laid flat over offending sources of radiation, or carried in a purse, briefcase or vehicle. If you are in a condition of extreme stress the Star Resonator ® can be worn under the clothes over the solar plexus. This last use is not recommended for non emergency conditions.

If you are concerned about the well being of yourself or a loved one, you may place the Star Resonator® over a photograph. If a photo is not available, you can write the name on a piece of paper and use it in the same manner. If you are familiar with subtle energy testing techniques such as Applied Kinesiology or Dowsing or have access to Biofeedback testing or Kirlian Photograph you will find that the recipient's energy has been strengthened with this treatment.Available in  3" diameter.

Star Resonators® are tools that help protect against adverse influences and negative thoughts
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