Raw Food and Bones

Only available at the NATURAL PET STORE in our North Canton, Ohio location. Please visit us!

Complete Balanced Raw Diets

Natures Variety in Organic Chicken, Chicken/Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Rabbit and Venison available in 3# Bag of 48 1oz medallions or 8# Bag of patties

Primal in Chicken, Duck, Beef, Lamb, Pheasant, Venison, Rabbit, Quail, Turkey available in 4# Bag of 1oz nuggets or 8# Bag of 8oz patties

Supplemental Raw DietsAdd foods and vitamins to create a custom raw diet

Bravo in Chicken, Beef, Duck, Elk, Lamb and Ostrich, Turkey Blend, Pork Blend, Organic Veggies, Quail available in 2#, 5#, 10# RollsChicken Blend, Rabbit, Beef Blend and Turkey Blend Patties available in 5# Packages of 8oz PattiesBoneless Buffalo, Salmon and Venison in Rolls

Primal in Chicken, Buffalo, Sardines and Buffalo available in Rolls


Assorted Bones Available- Turkey Necks, Chicken Necks and Beef, Pork and Lamb Bones

Raw food and bones for dogs and cats available for pickup at North Canton store during business hours
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