Organic Cat Collars

Hemp Cat CollarHemp Collar- Hemp Summer Cloth: A strong yet light weight canvas- natural undyed collar. Comfy, effective, and earth-friendly


Hemp Silk Cat CollarOrganic Silk Collar-Soft and silky, this fiber has a shiny surface which glides over the kitty's neck. While these collars are washable they may stain a bit easier than the canvas. Lovely-almost dressy.

Wool Cat CollarOrganic Wool Collar- soft and fuzzy- use as an indoor only collar for comfortable name tag protection or bell. Will get fuzzy with wear, trim back fuzz if desired.

Made by Purrfectplay, a cottage industry dedicated to producing the best pet-centric products they possibly can. They strive to use only organic, chemical free, fair-trade materials. When you buy one of their products you can be sure it was made with dedication and love. Additionally, a percentage of their sales is given to no-kill and rescue organizations. They are a recipient of the Animal Wellness Seal of Approval as well as a Member Co-op America and the Organic Trade Association.

Organic Cat Collars are dye free hemp, hemp/silk or wool collars
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