Gemstone Pyramids

SUNCATCHERS: The Gem Star Pyramid suncatchers are both healing tools, as well as objects of beauty. The Sacred Geometry as well as the mix of metals and crystals enhances the flow of positive energy in your home, car or office. They are "just the thing" for that area or corner of your space that needs that touch of magic. They may also be used for Feng Shui where "positive chi" is needed. sacred geometric shape. These pendulums were created to inspire and enhance your meditations and inner work. Each pendulum and sun catcher comes with the "Gem Star Pyramid Guide", a short pamphlet with suggested uses for your suncatcher and how to use your pendulum.

PENDULUMS: The Gem Star Pendulums channel specific energies and vibrations, which are further augmented by the pendulums

Suncatchers and Pendulums
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Price $30.00