Freeze Dried Grain-free Treats

These freeze-dried, grain-free treats are perfect to complement the raw diet. Why defeat the purpose of feeding a grain-free diet by giving treats made of wheat flour? These treats are made from the same human-grade meats and vegetables as we use in our foods. These convenient easy to feed snacks can be used dry as a training treat (they make great ring-bait for dogs) or reconstituted for a more savory meal replacement. Each 4 oz. dry package is equal to 1 lb. raw meat.

Beef Heart Medallions- 100% USDA Beef Hearts
Duck Hearts- 100% USDA Duck Hearts
Green Tripe Snack Patties-100% USDA green, unwashed beef tripe
Chicken Giblet Rounds- 100% USDA chicken, chicken gizzards, hearts and livers.

Freeze Dried Grain-free dog Treats
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