FidoDent Herbal Antibacterial Mouth & Gum Formula

Even lots of raw meaty bones can't always keep a mouth perfectly clean which is why we're loving Fido Dent by Animals' Apawthecary.  Regardless of what your dog eats, a clean mouth and healthy gums are essential to a healthy body.  K9 Raw Diet is a strong proponent of regular dental check-ups and proper teeth cleaning but to help your dog or cat in-between visits and help keep the cootie bugs at bay, we here both use and recommend Fido Dent. Fido Dent is a safe and effective antibacterial remedy against feline and canine gingivitis and other infections of the mouth.  Use it for preventative care, mouth ulcers, small cuts and abrasions and anything else minor that's affecting the mouth.  We actually use Fido Dent when brushing our pets' gumline.

FidoDent Herbal Antibacterial Mouth & Gum Formula
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