Feng Shui Harmony Strand

The Feng Shui Harmony Strand® is representative of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. This Feng Shui cure is designed to bring harmony and balance to your life, promoting good luck, health and wealth.

The Feng Shui Harmony Strand® can be used for meditation, spiritual growth and healing, and improving relationships. The Strand projects positive "Chi" when displayed in a room, office or gathering area. In addition to enhancing positive "Chi", the Strand brings in the combination of energies from the gemstone animals.

*Rat - Abundance
*Ox - Prosperity
*Tiger - Passion
*Rabbit - Tranquility
*Dragon - Good Fortune
*Snake - Wisdom
*Horse - Opportunity
*Ram - Compassion
*Monkey - Creativity
*Rooster - Protection
*Dog - Loyalty
*Pig - Generosity

Each Harmony Strand has been blessed by Buddhist Monk and Feng Shui Master, Grand Master Lin Yun.

The Feng Shui Harmony Strand®
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