Crystal Catalyst Pendant

Crystal Catalyst® Beads and Gemstone Pendants enhance your personal energy as it protects you against EMF and other unpleasant energies. It is designed to be worn on the body. We recommend that you wear it on the neck/ chest area between your neck and breastbone but positive results have been reported from placing onto a keychain or carrying it in a wallet

Emotional Balancer
Chakra Emotional Balancer-amethyst, lapis, green jade, rose quartz, tiger eye, carnelian, red jasper,Crystal Catalyst. For emotional balance or broken heart.

Physical Balancer
Chakra Physical Balancer-amethyst, lapis, turquoise, malachite, tiger eye, carnelian, red jasper, Crystal Catalyst- For Physical balance or for feelings of physical weakness.

Universal Harmony
Feng Shui/ Universal Harmony-jet, Crystal Catalyst, malachite, tiger eye, jasper, howlite-For improving univervsal balance and to aid those helping others

Prosperity-aventurine, green jade, malachite, aventurine, Crystal Catalyst, quartz crystal-To aid awareness of opportunities

-aventurine, moss agate, quartz , Crystal Catalyst, rose quartz, amethyst-Calming.

Personal Protection
Personal Protectant
-red jasper, tiger eye, Crystal Catalyst, jet, green jade-Protects from unbalance

Frequency Harmonizer
Frequency Harmonizer
- lapiz lazuli, turquoise, carnelian agate, Crystal Catalyst, amber, red jasper- Useful for relieving feelings of distress caused in some persons by a wide range of environmental frequencies.

Crystal Catalyst® Beads and Gemstone Pendants
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