Kong Naturals Cat Toys

Kong Naturals Cat Toys made of natural materials to appeal to an indoor cat's natural instincts

KONG Naturals are ecologically responsible cat toys. Materials and dyes come from natural, renewable resources. The toys are designed to appeal to an indoor cat's natural instincts. More than just cat toys - fun with a purpose. $3.99- 5.99

Organic Catnip Mouse

organic catnip fleece mouse

Organic Fleece Mouse filled with fresh organic catnip for long lasting play in 3 sizes $5.95-$11.95

Organic Catnip Products by From the Field

From the Field Organic catnip cat toys

Phill-Up Your Own Hemp Mouse Catnip Gift Tin $9.00

The Happy Carrot Cat Catnip Toy

Carrot Catnip Cat Toy

The Happy Carrot Cat Toy contains over 1/2 cup of the finest organic catnip. Crafted in Indiana, it is crowned with floppy fun hemp cord "leaves". Durable and yummy, the Happy Carrot will bring many hours of happy play to your kitties. $8.95