Canadian Tree Animal Care Essences

Canadian Forest Tree Essences for Animal Care are highly dilute vibrational tinctures safe for oral consumption. They are produced using a modified version of a protocol developed in the 1930's by the English physician, Edward Bach. The essences are a wonderful adjunct to many animal treatment programs or used by themselves for the specific situations described in each essences. They are not, however, designed to treat or cure any specific ailment, and they should never be considered as a replacement for sound veterinary diagnosis and treatment. For more information on ingredients, use and more, visit

Animal Rescue Essence Animal Rescue offers a broad ranging energetic and emotional support for animals in our care. It helps ease the effects of trauma and stress. Use it to calm and comfort animals. In the case of injury, it helps alleviate distress and supports healing action of other essences, as well as medicines and homeopathic remedies. Animal Rescue may also help dealing with behavior problems, especially if they relate to trauma, shocks or fear. In this case, look for gradual and incremental changes in behavior.

Animal Restore Essence Animal Restore may be used to help restore vitality during periods of recuperation after a trauma, operation or illness. When one comes to care for an animal that has been badly treated (abused or neglected) use this essence to help restore and heal the spirit. Animal Restore will help bring out an animal's full radiance and inner light.

Animal Whisper Essence Animal Whisper is a gentle essence designed to make animals more comfortable when they are fragile or in decline. Thus it is recommended as a palliative care support during the last stages of an animal's life. Animal Whisper brings forth qualities of grace and quietude. Animal Whisper offers gentle support to new born and baby animals. Use to provide comfort and reassurance when they are moving into the world and for separation of their mother and siblings.

Cat Essence Use this essence on a regular basis for your cat's well being, balance and happiness. The result of the Cat Essence is to have a playful and yet serene cat, able to adapt to small changes, eating and sleeping well and maintaining an overall good health.

Dog Essence This essence is helpful on many occasions, especially when your dog seems anxious, fearful, hyper, disobedient or low spirited. The Dog Essence will help bring out the natural qualities of your dog: loyal, loving, alert, energetic and playful.

Horse Essence Use this essence whenever your horse is nervous, temperamental, skittish, fearful, or lacking energy. Other indications for the horse essence are resistance and uncooperative behavior. This essence favors your horse's overall well being resulting in greater contentment, responsiveness, vigor and courage.

The Alpaca and Llama Essence helps these animals to remain grounded, calm and at their best. It is of help at shows: the essence will ease the effects of crowds, noise, and movement, being transported or removed from their normal circumstances. It is also of use when at new locations for breeding, giving birth and so forth, when ever they feel unsettled, abandoned, or threatened.

Animal Rescue- shock, trauma
Animal Restore- after sickness, neglect or abuse for restoring spirit
Animal Whisper- Aging and decline
12 Body Synergies- Choose according to the body system of your Alpaca or Llama needing support and balancing.

Canadian Forest Tree Essences
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