CALM MY PET recommends Chill Out Fido book

"Does your dog go bonkers when the doorbell rings or when you grab the leash to take him for a walk? Getting your dog to calm down and relax is one of the most common challenges pet parents face. This two-part book will help you first identify the factors that cause this kind of behavior in dogs, then it provides you with eleven key training exercises to teach your dog how to calm down, pay attention to you, relax, and respond to everyday situations with confidence and composure."

CALM MY PET – Dr. Pamela recommends CHILL OUT FIDO! – HOW TO CALM YOUR DOG by Nan Arthur

Positive Reward Based Training can be used to help your pet stay focused and calm. Rewarding and shaping the appropriate behaviors can help you and your pet stay calm in excitable situations. The CHILL OUT FIDO! book has great training instructions. Find a Positive Reward Based trainer and Animal Behaviorist to help you.

CALM MY PET recommends Chill Out Fido book
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